Friday, August 1, 2008

Blue Angels Practice from Seward Park

Anyone who was still working at 12pm today was cheated. Ha! I left work midday to enjoy the beautiful Seattle weather and to catch the Blue Angels on their pre-performance practice over Lake Washington. The papers all say that Jefferson Park is the best place, but I went down to the somewhat crowded Seward Park and found that the F-18's were buzzing overhead constantly.

I had to wait a short time and took a few pictures of ducks, and this Dragonfly, who was an unintended victim of my 400mm super-telephoto lens.

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Gary said...

Beautiful shots! Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday, I am glad I got a chance to come visit your wonderful pictures. You have quite a talent. Maybe I can convince you to let me borrow one for the site! I need to do a F-18 post anyhow...