Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Update!

My weekend in reverse:

Just finished a shoot at Green Lake with Deborah and it went quite well. I am still editing the photos, but there are definitely some really good shots. The 40D is great for action!

As a side note, I have updated my online portfolio at

Check it out.

As I was waiting at the Green Lake boathouse for my beautiful model to appear, the ducks must have mistook my rain sleeve for a bag of bread crumbs, as they were soon at my feet. "If your not going to feed me, then why are you here?"

This morning was pretty eventful at Alki Beach. There was an AVP Volleyball Tournament going on, but if I never photograph another volleyball game, it will be too soon. The Leschi did provide a nice opportunity, with the Space Needle in the background. It hovered around close to shore for a while due to a fire across the street which I had failed to notice, mainly because I was trying to get a good shot of the Leschi! It was a very small fire and there was no smoke to speak of.

Finally, here is a shot from South Lake Union of the Kenmore Air K5 "Evening" plane as it landed in the late afternoon.

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